Muskegon CROP Hunger Walk


As Muskegon celebrates our 40th year of walking, the CROP Hunger Walk is celebrating 50 years nationally. Here is a link to all of the 50th Anniversary resources:

Below are other valuable resources to help you promote the 40th Annual Muskegon CROP Hunger Walk.

2019 Muskegon Brochure

2019 CROP Hunger Walk Poster

2019 CROP Hunger Walk T-shirt

CROP Hunger Walk Statistics

CROP Hunger Walk Activity Page

CROP Hunger Walk Donor Receipt

CROP Hunger Walk Donation / Pledge Sheet

CROP Hunger Walk Success Story: Melecio - Hondurus Farmer

Moment for Mission - ZERO Hunger

Facts Have Faces: Hunger

Blog Post on "Walking Together"

Hunger Facts Quiz & Answer Sheet



Crop Hunger Walk Global - YouTube

Here is the link to many additional resources provided by Church World Service to help you in your wonderful adventure and endeavor of inviting people to walk alongside us or share a gift!