Muskegon CROP Hunger Walk


2019 is Our 40th Year of Walking!

In that time, we have raised over $1,207,262!

Last year, over 250 walkers from more than 27 congregations raised over $27,546. Thank you!


Midwest farmers, working to get food to the starving people of Europe after the second World War, organized what became Church World Service, in 1946. 

Working with partner agencies around the world, Church World Service (CWS) provides both immediate help during disasters, and long term assistance in creating sustainable communities by providing small business loans and education, farming tools, and water well expertise to people throughout the world.

The First Muskegon Area CROP Walk took place in 1980. 2019 marks the 40th year of CROP Walking here in Muskegon County. In that time, we have raised over $1,180,535! Last year, over 250 walkers, from more than 27 congregations, raised more than $29,127.60 in spite of our poor economy. Thanks!

Some of that money is shared with Church World Service partner agencies in 30 countries around the world. CROP Walk money is working right now to help victims of various disasters recover their lives and find ways to feed & support their families. For instance, we are supporting long term recovery in Haiti and the Caribbean following the hurricane season. Here in the United States we are helping victims of floods, hurricanes and fires in Houston, Puerto Rico, and California.  This year’s theme “Veggies, Eggs and a side of Hope” focuses on our development ministry in West Timor, Indonesia, providing communities with seeds, tools, chickens and education, equipping families to provide for themselves!.

One quarter of the funds come right back to Muskegon County, to help hungry people here at home. Thousands of Muskegon residents have benefited from our walking. See local recipients.

You can help! Email us at You may also call (231) 215-9110


 Veggies, Eggs and a side of Hope

When we Walk for CROP, we are helping!

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